louisville children's museum

location: louisville, ky
program: mixed use
status: competition
date: 2014

Our urban approach for the new Louisville Children’s Museum was to rid the Downtown area of as much surface parking as possible and give back the community large, flexible urban plazas and parks. We were surprised with the seemingly limitless amount of surface parking lots within a 5 block radius. We feel our proposal successfully removes two of these former lots and provides inhabitants a desirable area to congregate, meander, and enjoy downtown Louisville.

To ensure the largest park space possible, we located some typical museum program conducive to subterranean locations below grade. Two ETFE domes at the Plaza Level serve this Subterranean Level as skylights to provide diffuse light below. The large auditorium / theatre is also located at this level that serves the public with educational and interactive content.

At Plaza Level, designed green space replaces the surface parking and links directly into the new park adjacent to the site. These areas offer a mix of plaza (hardscape), lawn, and vegetation.