keelung harbor service building

location: keelung, taiwan
program: mixed use
status: competition
date: 2012

KHSB is a destination for both the public and private commercial sectors, encom­passing facilities and event arenas for the residents of Keelung, as well as for nation­al and international visitors. The project defines the area by converting the site from its industrial beginnings into a dynamic urban nexus; the new Terminal is a coalesc­ing memorialization of international travel as well as local culture and recreation.

The Keelung Marine Port Terminal embodies the direction and desire of the city of Keelung to catapult into the emerging destiny of the area where the unique combi­nation of marine integration with public progress provide the landmark gateway to a culture and a key urban destination. The concept has been meticulously designed to provide the dynamic interchange linking the elements of man and the sea with culture and commerce in breathtaking harmony.