cell space

location: chicago, illinois
program: landscape / recreation
status: competition - honorable mention
date: 2012

Chicago’s Southside neighborhoods have long been notorious for their neglected and inaccessible vacant spaces. Cell Space is proposal that seeks to transform these interstitial open lots into a creative and fundamental catalyst for community connectivity and socialization.

With a very limited ($1000) budget, Cell Space uses readily available, inexpensive, and minimal materials to create a neighborhood park for citizens of all ages to enjoy. Using treated 2”x2”s, the 4’ square site grid deforms and delaminates into a cellular arrangement for trees and gravel. Cell Space then reforms and relaminates to create planters and seating constructed of painted plywood. The overarching goal of the park is to provide the newly developed neighborhood and local school with a space to visit, think, relax, and play.