helsinki south harbor

location: helsinki, finland
program: masterplan / mixed use
status: competition
date: 2011

Helsinki’s new South Harbor is envisioned as the iconic gateway into the heart of the city that serves its tourists and travelers aesthetically and effectively. Its strong urban connection between the waterfront and the city has been simplified to efficiently activate Helsinki’s South Harbor. Programmatically the required terminals have been concentrated into one fluid and pristine envelope. The museum, tourist center, and market place have been redesigned to respond to its contextual adjacencies while remaining within the language set forth by the terminal.

The proposed landscape transforms its pre-existing industrial zone into a modern public plaza, market place and urban park that provides the residents of Helsinki with an activated urban environ­ment. The sheer size of the site's perimeter allows for users to experience the project while exercising along a 4K elevated jogging and bike path. Views to and from the site are carefully considered to not impede any previous vantage points from Helsinki's historic buildings and harbor.