high contrast high-rise

location: san juan, puerto rico
program: mixed use / residential 
status: design
date: 2010

the resort is envisioned to be a vertical element within the context that has an aesthetic effect of fluid ripples and contours which elongates its form. allowing the ripples to happen in specific areas provides new forms of exterior and interior public pleasure. the effect allows the facade panels to fold and reflect various views of the sky, ocean and city around the site depending on one’s relative location to the building. the towers, in this scenario, are no longer a passive urban participant, yet neither an obstructing one. emerging from an initial idea of a canyon-like sensation, we felt the appropriate external area of allocation was between the two towers at the most compressed and direct relationship between the massing. it capitalizes on the intense quality of compression and expansion as well as its fluidity. our interest in contrast was to create a normative tower from many perspectives until you turned the corner and were allowed to see the intensification of the effect in its allocation.

similar to the exterior, the effect also peels off into the interiors of a large atrium that provides variation in floor plates, offering unobstructed views out into the city and sea. the effect is mainly experienced from a public space of different degrees, while the rooms exist on the non-affected area creating a formal contrast between the private & public spaces. lastly, the user can experience the effect from a macro or audience perspective to a micro or intimate engagement. externally and internally, the user is capable of feeling the desired sensation even at the relative small scale of the lobby. the lobby is sequentially situated on the second floor in order to celebrate a processional engagement with the effect, from macro to micro.