layered light

location: chicago, illinois
program: product
status: design
date: 2010

this project researches topics in digital technology and fabrication and applies them to the fabrication of a househould product. it explores current and traditional techniques used to fabricate cutting edge designs that make it possible to produce at full scale. the focus is not only on the aesthetic of the project, but its materiality and quality of construction.

this project begins by exploring new designs for the contemporary desk lamp. instead of just producing a lamp that is focused on the form, it’s materiality, and how it appears aesthetically, the project focuses on the function of light and claims that as its ‘materiality’ and appearance. instead of just getting an elegant sculpture during the day, you get a soothing affect of layered and gradated light that can modulate color and intensity. LED strips line the inside of the form to evenly distribute light throughout the offset edges of the form.