chicago housing

location: chicago, illinois
program: residential
status: design
date: 2009

Advancement in technology has allowed architects to explore new ideas for structural systems, now moving from the more conventional styles of bearing walls, lateral framing, and bracing to more intricate and appealing approaches. Lattices, exoskeletons, and the like, have all been precedents of these investigations and offer a unique aesthetic to an already efficient make-up. Being interested in this approach, I attempted to expand on this idea and apply other systems to the same language, having the ability to incorporate structure with lighting, air, and /or water to areas deemed fit. using branching as an organizational strategy, the cores and envelope of the building were envisioned as the “trunks” of the project. Locating these cores on the perimeter, the systems are pushed to the outer edge of the building, were they are then networked toward the interior. In housing, this provides the opportunity to free up the interior (where typical hvac would be located) and offer more livable area and higher floor-to-ceiling heights. This housing is seen as a cohesive network focused on integrating a structural latticework with an illuminating and radiant makeup.